19 May 2016

What happened after the January Furniture Show

Well our website manager tells me it's that time of the month when I promised to start writing our regular Blogs, so here goes. We previously reported (via Facebook and LinkedIn) that M&P was receiving an increasing number of enquiries following the company exhibiting at the January Furniture Show. This trend has continued and we are now receiving more hits on, and enquiries from our website, plus direct telephone calls to Mike and myself. So our relatively new business is steadily building-up momentum.


We recently decided to start selling a few traditional styles of dining tables, because we thought it would assist us in selling more of our chairs. This strategy seems to be working, the tables are now included in our website and they are becoming regular favourites with some of our customers. We are now planning to add standard and refectory coffee tables to our range. We have a couple of great local table manufacturers working with us producing good quality products at short lead times. And of course, we offer a full range of finishing services for the tables as we do our chairs and stools.

Contract Projects

We are also keen to take-on more contract projects, so if you are operating in that space, please give us a call.

So in conclusion, it's been a busy period following the January Furniture Show, but we now plan to focus on touching base with all those people who visited our stand to see if there are any areas of mutual interest to be pursued.

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